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Sábado, 29 Julio 2017

Louise Murray: Amazing Almadraba Experience

Ignacio - thanks you so much for an incredible experience witnessing the Almadraba tuna fishery - to be so close to such a raw, wild and dynamic event was exhilirating!

Your deeply informed comments about the whole fishery really added to the trip.

May 2015

Louise, London UK

Jueves, 18 Junio 2015

Soledad Fernandez de Araoz: Sensación del viaje

Querido Ignacio,
Sabiendo que una almadraba, es parte de la historia de este país, jamás imaginamos que fuese tan emocionante.
¡Qué amanecer nos hizo, y sobre todo, el silencio, el colorido, la estética ! Todo tan primitivo, que no dudaría en repetir mil veces.
Gracias por lo bien que nos cuidaste, fue un verdadero placer.


Madrid. ESP

Lunes, 09 Junio 2014

Marta and Vincent: Whale watching trip

Thank you, Ignacio, for one of our most memorable experiences of our life! It started off as a whale watching trip but it was also like travelling through time, crossing boundaries between humans and beautiful oceanic creatures, turning into an amazing afternoon of learning, nature, beauty and appreciation.

We think back to this time often and want to come back!

Marta & Vincent, London

Lunes, 04 Noviembre 2013

Alan Tunn: 80th birthday surprise


Dear Ignacio

I would thank you for the wonderfull birthday surprise I had aboard your lovely 44ft yacht  the SAGUNERA .My daughter Suzanne and my wife Judy really did surprise me and I had no idea what was instore for me.   .Greeted by you and your colleague prior to boarding ,then another surprise, 5 great friends from Vejer emerging out of the cabin ,so with a party of 9 on board we set off on a perfect day ,blue skies no wind and a  calm sea we set off towards the African coast ,and what a treat we had, I have never seen so many whales and dolphins before it was truly amazing ,The next surprise was to have lunch at the lovely town of Ceuta .before leaving the yacht ,champagne and nibbles were served on board ,after which a gentle stroll around this delightful bit of Spain ,following drinks at a local bar we all made our way to a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbour ,we all had coffee sitting in the sun on a quayside bar .Then at around 5,30pm we boarded the Sagunera and headed back to Tarifa seeing more whales and dolphins on the way It was the most perfect day ever ,in fact all on board said we must do this again next year .For anyone who has something to celebrate make up a party of 10 and enjoy a real experience with Nature Tarifa ,thank you Ignacio for a wonderful day                            

Alan Tunn

United Kingdom

Lunes, 30 Septiembre 2013

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